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Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace


Please tell me the monogram initials in order from left to right. The monogram should read like this:
First name initial, Last name initial, Middle name initial. So Dale Jordan Smith would be DSJ. You are welcome to tell me the name to avoid confusion i

please choose your finished length

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I make each sterling silver initial separately and solder them together into a monogram that you will treasure as a lasting and timeless addition to your jewelry collection. This necklace has been both cold forged and heat forged all by me in my studio. I bend the wire into shape hammering it for dimension, then carefully lay it out and solder it together into one strong piece. I then tumble it overnight for additional strength and incredible shine. Finally, a chain is added to the desired finished length (up to 20 inches).

I need to know your initials. Give them to me this way:

If your name is Jane Marie Doe, tell me JDM. I will create them with the D larger and in the center, as in the example in the photos. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC AND CAREFULLY TELL ME YOUR PROPER INITIALS AS THIS PIECE IS NON REFUNDABLE. The example shown above in the first photograph reads CSE, and her initials are CES.