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Men's Sterling Silver Monogram Tie Chain


Please tell me the monogram initials in order from left to right. The monogram should read like this:
First name initial, Last name initial, Middle name initial. So Dale Jordan Smith would be DSJ. You are welcome to tell me the name to avoid confusion i

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Made completely from .925 sterling silver, this tie bar really dresses a man up right. The bar at the top fits over a button on his shirt and then the tie slips right through the chain until the finished piece on the front is all that shows. I can make it with a short name, a monogram or an initial. If you want all initials, there may be an additional fee for more than three with thick wire. I can also make it without initials and just a simple chain for a reduced price. Ties are back and men are finding out they enjoy their own bling!

The lettering is made from a thick gauge wire and hammered for detail. I solder the piece and then tumble it for strength and polish.

If you want a monogram please do let me know the EXACT placement of the letters since the last name should be larger and in the center. The piece shown is for a man whose initials are D.R.S. as an example. If your name is John Adam Smith, you would give me the initials as JSA.