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I have always loved anything artistic. I started out as a hairdresser and owned my own shop for many years. My love of creativity also led me down many other paths while I worked in my salon. I have been a stained glass artist and a Minister of Music to name a couple.

In later years, I became somewhat disabled and had to give up my job behind the chair. I needed to find something else to do... something I could physically do. When I became involved in jewelry making, I just felt like I had found my calling once again. I can sit while working and still keep the creative process going but it's more than that. I love everything about it. I am constantly amazed that this art is always new and fresh to me. I miss the face to face contact with people on a daily basis, but I feel so blessed to have found this.

Since beginning my career as a jeweler I have studied cold connections under Preston Reuther, and silver smithing under Heidi Bundy. I have learned to develop my own style as time has passed and have been presented with awards for my work. I have also been commissioned to make a piece that was given to Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" and ABC television collaborated with me to create a necklace that was used in the series "Mistresses". This piece actually had a part in the 9th episode of the show and was worn by actress Jes Macallan as she played the character Josslyn Carver.

I try to make each piece as if it is going to be worn by someone special, because in my mind it is. I am honored to touch the lives of you, my customers, in a small way by sharing my art with you. And my hope is that what you buy will stand the test of time and make your life a bit more special through the years to come.